Chefs James Sharman and Kevin McCrae are traveling the world hosting a pop-up restaurant called One Star House Party in unique airbnb spaces. So far this year, they have held events in Hong Kong and New York City, with San Francisco taking place on April 26th through May 1st. Before creating their culinary house party, Sharman was the chef de partie at Noma, and both he and McCrae worked under chef Tom Aikens in London.

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When they are not traveling the world, James and Kevin head back to London and eat at their favorite restaurants around town. From burgers to farm-to-table to a high-end experience, here's their guide to eating in London.


Photograph courtesy of Dip & Flip

Photograph courtesy of Dip & Flip

Dip & Flip

James: "This is my go to place and I just love it. It's a really silly concept, but it's really good. You get a burger and gravy to dip it into."

87 Battersea Rise, London SW11 1HW

Mother Flipper

James: "Mother Flipper is really, really good. All they do is burgers. What they do is put lots of freshly cracked black pepper on the beef. It is really simple, but when you try it you’ll see what I mean."

Saturdays only
Brockley Market, Lewisham Way, London SE4 1UT
T: +44.7903.661071 |


Photograph courtesy of Typing Room

Photograph courtesy of Typing Room

Typing Room

James: "It's located in the Town Hall Hotel and is a really good restaurant. Chef Lee Westcott is a very clever chef. The food is modern European done in a much smarter way than most of what you see out there. There is nothing on the plate that shouldn’t be there; there is nothing there without purpose. When you come here to eat, you spend the whole night thinking that this guy is really clever, which is quite a rare thing to find. The food is really thought through and isn’t just loads of elements thrown together to impress you. A lot of love goes into the food."

Town Hall Hotel, Patriot Square, London E2 9NF
T: +44.(0)20.7871.0461 |


The Manor & The Dairy

James: "This is definitely worth the trip. The chef is a South African guy called Dean Parker and the owner is chef Robin Gill. They started working at The Dairy in Clapham and then opened the Manor. It is hard to define it as a specific style of food, but it is very cool and really special. The Dairy is also great and really cool."

The Manor |  148 Clapham Manor Street, London SW4 6BX | T: +44.(0)20.7720.4662 | | BOOK A TABLE
The Dairy |  15 The Pavement, London, Clapham SW4 0HY | T: +44.(0)20.7622.4165 | | BOOK A TABLE

Beef Ravioli & Game Broth  at Rabbit | Photograph courtesy of Rabbit

Beef Ravioli & Game Broth at Rabbit | Photograph courtesy of Rabbit

Sticky Beef Shin at Rabbit | Photograph courtesy of Rabbit

Sticky Beef Shin at Rabbit | Photograph courtesy of Rabbit



Kevin: "This is one of my favorite restaurants in London. It is a grazing kind of place. They serve a lot of small plates, not like tapas, but like little meals. The food comes in waves and the service is really great. There is also a lot of the chef's presence around the floor. It is extremely farm-to-table kind of style. I just love it."

172 King's Road, London SW3 4UP
T: +44.(0)20.3750.0172 |

Photograph courtesy of The Ledbury

Photograph courtesy of The Ledbury


The Ledbury

Kevin: "If you are going to go really high-end, come to the Ledbury. This is one of the best and most innovative restaurants in the country, if you can get a table. From a chef's point of view, it is an incredible place to be. It is one of those kitchens that just fires chefs up and gets them excited."

127 Ledbury Road, London W11 2AQ
T: +44.(0)20.7792.9090 |

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