Imagine if the top culinary professionals in the world got together and shared their favorite places to eat, drink and food shop all over the globe. They have. It’s called FED Guides by Find. Eat. Drink.

Our Mission | Travel Like A Pro

Our mission is to save you from having a bad meal, especially when you travel. So go where our Pros go - where chefs eat, where bartenders and sommeliers drink, and where they all shop.

Around the Clock, Around the Block

FED Guides is your link to insider industry recommendations from well-regarded chefs, bartenders and sommeliers for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, farmers markets and unique boutiques around the world. Explore our 24-Hour Guides so you can plan your own itineraries in the cities that never sleep, as well as a few that roll up the streets on the early side.

It’s not about the hottest or the latest; it’s about having an authentic travel experience through food and drink. FED Guides was launched by the founders of Find. Eat. Drink., Robin Dorian and Nick Bumstead. Both had the privilege of working in the culinary & beverage industry and were privy to insider knowledge of what it’s like to travel like a pro.


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