When I was growing up, ramen wasn’t cool.
— Kenshiro Uki, Second Generation of Sun Noodle

Sun Noodle Brand

For chefs, there is no other artisan ramen noodle maker than Sun Noodle Brand. Unless they are making their own noodles, this is their number one choice. Started in Hawaii in 1981 by Hidehito Uki and still a family business, they now make 90,000 servings a day in their three factories.

In Nolita, they have opened up a tiny, sliver of restaurant called Ramen Lab. The idea is for ramen chefs from around the world to create a pop-up menu for three weeks and showcase their regional styles of ramen.


70 Kenmare Street, New York, NY 10012
T: 646.613.7522 | www.ramen-lab.com

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