Join Mokbar chef Esther Choi as she hosts the FED TV series My Backyard

Part 1: Koreatown Queens

Manhattan’s Koreatown has become massively popular, so I go to Flushing. The food is better and the crowds are much more Korean. I feel like I’m in a neighborhood in Korea.
— Chef Esther Choi

Chef Esther Choi takes us off the beaten track to Flushing, Queens for an authentic Korean experience and tells us about the best dishes on the menu.

Part 2: Koreatown Manhattan

What insiders know is don’t be scared to go to the second floor. This is where you’ll find the best bars.
— Chef Esther Choi

Chef Esther Choi takes us on an insider's tour of a few of her favorite second floor restaurants in New York's Koreatown where the soju flows and flows.

Part 3: The Rolls Royce of Ramen Noodles

When I was growing up ramen wasn’t so cool.
— Kenshiro Uki of Sun Noodles

Artisan ramen noodle company, Sun Noodle Brand, is the supplier for the top ramen chefs around the world, including chef Esther Choi. You can sample their noodles at their tiny restaurant in Nolita called Ramen Lab, where chefs come to showcase their own spins on ramen dishes.

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