Tel Aviv | Photo Credit: Justin LaBerge [flickr]

Tel Aviv | Photo Credit: Justin LaBerge [flickr]

From burekas to kababs to late night shawarma, the pros give their favorite spots in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.

The Chefs

Elior Balbul-2.jpg

Elior Balbul

Executive chef of Catit Restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Yehuda Sichel-2.jpg

Yehuda Sichel

Trained in Israel, he is the executive chef of Abe Fisher in Philadelphia, PA.

Amitzur Mor-2.jpg

Amitzur Mor

Originally from Israel, he is the executive chef of Barbounia in New York City, NY.

Eden Grinshpan_Dinner-2.jpg

Eden Grinshpan

Host of "Eden Eats" on the Cooking Channel.

Tel Aviv Guide

Photograph courtesy of Mashya

Photograph courtesy of Mashya


"Hands down the best restaurant in Israel. It is super creative and very, very tasty. It is a great restaurant on all levels food, hospitality, and service."
Chef Amitzur Mor of Barbounia

5 Mendeli Street, Tel Aviv, Israel
T: 972.3.750.0999 |

Photographs courtesy of Blue Sky

Photographs courtesy of Blue Sky


Blue Sky

"This is a kosher restaurant with the menu based on dairy products and fish with very luxurious ingredients. It's located on the rooftop of the Carlton Hotel and has an amazing view of the beach and the Tel Aviv Marina. It's unique due to the combination of good food, and its special location. It's the perfect place for a romantic dinner with an intimate atmosphere. It also has a special place in my heart because it was my first experience as a managing chef. I was part of the opening of the restaurant and worked here for over two years."
Chef Elior Balbul of Catit

Eliezer Peri Street, Number 10, Carlton Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel
972.3-520.1830 |

Turkey Original

"I have been coming here since I was a little girl and the quality has stayed the same, maybe even better now. It is famous for its burekas. The phyllo dough is made fresh daily by the wife of the owner. They roll it with salty cheese, potato, eggplant, and ground meat. They are all seasoned and baked perfectly. The bureka comes out crispy, crunchy, and served with a hard boiled egg, pickles and crushed tomatoes. When I'm in Tel-Aviv, I live nearby so I find any excuse to come here. I love grabbing one before I hit the shuk (market) to shop for the day. It's the perfect send off into the maze of fruits and vegetables. I remember coming here with my parents ever since I was little. The owner and I don't event speak the same language but we greet each other like family. I am married to an Israeli, Ido, and when I brought up this place he told me he had never been so I brought him with me the first time we traveled together. Ido said it is by far the best bureka he has ever had in his life! It's pretty awesome that I was able to take him here."
Eden Grinshpan of Eden Eats

39 HaCarmel Street, Tel Aviv, Israel

Shaul’s Restaurant

"It's more of a street restaurant as it's located in the heart of the market and known only to the local community. It's open during the day time and suitable for lunch with friends and family. It's known for the grail meat dishes, especially the kabab, and they serve a large verity of Israeli salads. The place is always full, the food is great and the people are friendly. It never disappoints. I love this restaurant since it reminds me of my dad's family and the food I grew up eating."
Chef Elior Balbul of Catit

15 Hamevaser Street, The Tikva Market, Tel Aviv
T: +972.3.

Jaffa Guide

Jaffa Market | Photo Credit: Alberto Peral for Israel Tourism [flickr]

Jaffa Market | Photo Credit: Alberto Peral for Israel Tourism [flickr]


"I love hanging in Jaffa and Puaa is the perfect place to grab lunch during a long day of antiquing and market shopping. I love the space because it's decorated with all antiques. The food is fresh with classic cafe dishes, but also some really unique dishes and focuses on a lot of vegetarian options. It’s perfect for a girls' lunch. It is a very welcoming environment, so it is the perfect place to really relax and have a long leisurely lunch with friends."
Eden Grinshpan of Eden Eats

8 Rabbi Yohanan Street, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel
T: +972.3.682.3821

Haj Kahil

"The best late night shawarma in Israel. It is so good. Get the fatty lamb, fresh pita, fresh salads - the works."
Chef Amitzur Mor of Barbounia

Haj Kahil, Raziel, 18, (Clock Square), Jaffa
T: +972.3.518.8866 |

Jerusalem Guide

Photograph courtesy of Yudale Bar

Photograph courtesy of Yudale Bar

Yudale Bar

"This is a small restaurant located inside of the 'Machana Jodha' market in Jerusalem, so the area around it is also a special place to visit. The menu combines adventurous Israeli cuisine dishes and good cocktails with a young atmosphere. The space is not too big and gives diners an intimate atmosphere and the opportunity to enjoy a fun night out with good food and drinks."
Chef Elior Balbul of Catit

11 Beit Ya'akov, Jerusalem 9432317
T: +972.2.533.3442 |

Uzi's Falafel

"I was lucky to go to school a block from this shop in the Geula neighborhood of Jerusalem. Uzi's has been selling falafel here for decades. All the bus and taxi drivers in town come to him. His shop sits at the top of a hill and there's always a line of buses waiting for their falafel to be delivered right to their car from Uzi himself. It's some of the best falafel I've ever had."
Chef Yehuda Sichel of Abe Fisher

10 Yeshayahu Street, Jerusalem

Azura | Photo Credit: Christina Garofalo [flickr]

Azura | Photo Credit: Christina Garofalo [flickr]


"This tucked-away hummus spot is in the great Mahane Yehuda market. They're known for their big pots of masbacha and fowl and especially the fried kibbe and kibbe soup. It was one of the first restaurants that allowed me to understand exactly what we as cooks were doing at Zahav (I was a sous chef here before opening Abe Fisher)."
Chef Yehuda Sichel of Abe Fisher  

4 Ha-Eshkol Street Jerusalem, Israel 94322
T: +972.2.6235204


Tabun Zaman

"A local druze restaurant that makes crazy tasty baked good, insanely tasty humus other local favorites. It's a very traditional and different type of food. It's off the beaten path, but worth the trip. Their taboon is very traditional, the bottom is made of little round rocks that gives the breads unmatched texture."
Chef Amitzur Mor of Barbounia

672, Isifya
T: +972.4.839.9585

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