Miami Beach

Empanadas, stone crabs, ceviche and shaken-rum cocktails, this is our kind of South Beach Diet.


Miami Beach

Empanadas, stone crabs, ceviche and shaken-rum cocktails, this is our kind of South Beach Diet.

Miami Beach | Photo Credit: ©Find. Eat. Drink.

Miami Beach | Photo Credit: ©Find. Eat. Drink.


Photograph courtesy of Charlotte's Bakery

Photograph courtesy of Charlotte's Bakery

Sweet & Savory | Charlotte Bakery

"This is a quintessential South American pastry shop with savory things like great empanadas. It's incredibly delicious and feels so old school and homey. It’s as I imagine what it would be like being in Venezuela in the ‘40s and ‘50s." - Pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith

1499 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139
T: 305.535.0095


Croissants | True Loaf Bakery

Specializing in sourdough breads using organic flour. They also sell country and olive loaves. 

"They have amazing breads like brioche and croissants. It's all excellent." - Chef Daniel Serfer

1894 Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | T: 786.216.7207

Coffee & Tea | Panther Coffee

One of two locations of this Miami-based coffee roaster that specializes in small-batch roasting of beans.

"For coffee, there really is only one place, and that's Panther. Without them I would have moved back to New York." - Chef Roel Alcudia

"They're local coffee roasters who come from Stumptown and do a very dark roast. With the exception of them, it seems it's illegal to have good coffee in Miami." - Bartender Trevor Alberts

1875 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | T: 305.677.3952 |  panthercoffee.com

Cuban eatery Las Olas Cafe | Photo Credit: ©Find. Eat. Drink.

Cuban eatery Las Olas Cafe | Photo Credit: ©Find. Eat. Drink.

Cuban | Las Olas Cafe

This Cuban cafeteria and outside walk-up window coffee stand remains untouched by gentrification. Come by for a café con leche and classic Latin fare.

“It is a gem on South Beach. Croquettas, empanadas, media noches, café con leche, braised oxtail - all amazing.” - Chef Michael Pirolo

“It’s a small place and it’s been here a long time. It’s just counter food, cafeteria-style and filled with regulars. They have great chicken empanadas and Cuban sandwiches.” - Bartender Gabriel Orta

644 6th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | T: 305.534.9333 | www.lasolascafesb.com


Joe's Take-Away

One of the most famous seafood houses in America offers a take-away version of their entire menu. No need to wait on a long line to get into the restaurant, simply call ahead, pick up your crab claws and eat them on the beach.

"They have the most ridiculous Lobster Reuben in existence. It is seasonal, but when it's open, I take all of my visiting friends here." - Bartender Danny Valdez

"You can get really upscale gourmet food. Anything and everything to go, it's a great little market." - Pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith

11 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | T: 305.673.4611 |  joesstonecrab.com/today/takeaway.html

Weekend Flea Market

Photograph courtesy of Lincoln Road Antique Market

Photograph courtesy of Lincoln Road Antique Market

Gem Hunting | Lincoln Road Antique Market

A seasonal antiques and flea market with vintage finds and mid-century gems. The show features over 100 vendors.

"This is my favorite antiques market, which goes from October until May. It happens the second Sunday of every month and you need to be here early to get the deals. They have great glassware."  - Bartender Gabe Ort

"You can always find something here. I've been able to get vintage glasses from the 1940s." - Bartender Ramsey Pimentel

October to May
Lincoln Road at Lenox and Michigan Avenues, Miami Beach, FL 33130 | T: 305.673.4991 |


Photograph courtesy of My Ceviche

Photograph courtesy of My Ceviche

Seafood | My Ceviche

A tiny take-out spot serving freshly-made ceviche from James Beard-nominated chef Sam Gorenstein. The menu includes six styles of ceviches, seafood tacos, burritos, and stone crabs from George Stone Crab.

"This is my go-to spot for ceviche. You must get the octopus ceviche with aji Amarillo." - Chef Nina Compton

"Get whatever is fresh that day. He makes it a la minute and it's incredible." - Chef Michelle Bernstein

"It's my favorite place for seafood. I believe that I can make a pretty mean ceviche, but these guys are doing it right. There are different choices: they have traditional ceviche; they have a Peruvian; and they have an Asian one." - Bartender Gabe Orta

235 Washington Avenue, Miami, FL 33139 | T: 305.397.8710 | myceviche.com

The Anti-Deli | Josh's Deli

Chef Josh Marcus is a new school chef giving old school deli recipes an unorthodox spin.

“Josh is a one-man show and his food is excellent. He’s bringing back the deli wrong. He does all his own corned beef, his own pastrami, his own bacon, his own bagels and tons of other things that you might not think is deli. It’s shellfish to swine.” - Chef Daniel Serfer

9517 Harding Avenue, Surfside, FL 33154 | T: 305.397.8494 |  joshsdeli.com

Sushi Erika’s father at the former Sushi Deli | Photo Credit: ©Find. Eat. Drink.

Sushi Erika’s father at the former Sushi Deli | Photo Credit: ©Find. Eat. Drink.

Sushi | Sushi Erika

For many years, people waited in line to eat at Sushi Deli, which was hidden inside of a family-run Japanese market. Run by sushi chef Michio Kushi, from Katsuura, Japan, and his daughter Erika, it shut down in 2017. But fear not sushi fans, the restaurant has been resurrected in a strip mall up the street with chef Erika Kushi at the helm.

"The daughter was the second-in-command when it was Sushi Deli. The quality of the fish is very unique for such a small place.” - Chef Josh Marcus

"If you don't get here early, you could be here for awhile." - Bartender Ryan Goodspeed

1700 79th Street Causeway, North Bay Village, FL 33141 | T: 786.216.7216


Photograph Courtesy of The Freehand Hostel

Photograph Courtesy of The Freehand Hostel

Poolside Cocktails

Broken Shaker

This poolside cocktail haven began as a pop-up bar. Expect handcrafted cocktails with elixirs, syrups, and infusions made from things plucked from their garden.

"You feel like you’re in the Keys when you’re here. They have some of the most phenomenal cocktails that you could ever think of. It’s like ice heaven, where they have a full walk-in freezer just for their ice. They have one of the largest selection of bitters they make in-house, it’s really outrageous. They always change their menu. You could have a cocktail and three weeks later, you can’t get it again." - Bartender Ramsey Pimentel

"It's part-funky bar, part-speakeasy and part-California-style cocktail bar with a big outdoor patio feel. They have their own garden right here so the herbs in your glass were just picked seconds before they go into your drink." - Bartender Ryan Goodspeed

"The atmosphere is unbeatable. It's the best place to chill out and relax." - Bartender Julio Cabrera

The Freehand, 2727 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33140 | T: 305.531.2727 | thefreehand.com/venues/the-broken-shaker


Photograph Courtesy of Macchialina Taverna Rustica

Photograph Courtesy of Macchialina Taverna Rustica

Italian | Macchialina Taverna Rustica

Family-style Italian dishes from the Pubbelly crew. They're doing their own twist on classic fare and have a salumi and raw bar, small plate dishes, pizza and a five course tasting menu for $45.

"The best homemade pasta in town. Chef Mike Pirolo’s taglioni with abalone mushrooms is insane." - Sommelier Allegra Angelo

"They have delicious charcuterie and the Fontina Fonduta is fantastic!" - Chef Clayton Miller

820 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | T: 305.534.2124 (Book a Table) | macchialina.com

Classic Seafood | Joe's Stone Crab

Joe's has become the legendary restaurant that everyone measures as where the bar is set for stone crabs. A few things to know in advance: it ain't cheap and they don't take reservations. So be prepared to wait for a table (which could be hours). They do offer items other than stone crabs. Stone crabs are only in season from mid-October to May, so make sure they're open.

"Joe's Stone Crab has been around since 1913. It's definitely an icon down here and won't disappoint." - Chef Michael Schwartz

"I love anything about this place, from the amazing crabs, the inexpensive fried chicken, the surly service, the long waits at the door and the whole experience of what it is to go to Joe’s. Their fried chicken is cheap and, next to Publix, is the best fried chicken in town." - Chef Daniel Serfer

11 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | T: 305.695.3232 | joesstonecrab.com


Photograph Courtesy of Regent Cocktail Club

Photograph Courtesy of Regent Cocktail Club

Cocktails | Regent Cocktail Club

This bar harkens back to the former glam days of Miami beach with barman Julio Cabrera dressed to the nines serving contemporary and classic cocktails. The cocktails change daily, all with proper ice formations. On Tuesdays during the summer they serve two cocktails for $22.

"This is one of the finest bars I’ve ever been to with the best bartenders I've seen. The cocktails are classic with a daily selection that people may not be too familiar with, which allows you to learn a little something. It has a Floridian ambiance and the cocktail program takes you back to practices they did fifty years ago." - Bartender Trevor Alberts

"It is staffed by the best bartenders in Miami. I'd say that all of the bartenders have at least ten years of bartending experience." - Bartender Ben Potts

"They have a star team of bartenders. Come here for a Sazerac or a classic martini." - Bartender Gabe Orta

Gale Hotel, 1690 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | T: 305.673.0199 | galehotel.com/nightlife/regent-cocktail-club

Mac's Club Deuce Bar | Photo Credit: Phillip Pessar [flickr]

Mac's Club Deuce Bar | Photo Credit: Phillip Pessar [flickr]

Dive | Mac's Club Deuce

This is the mother of all dive bars housed inside a classic Miami deco building. They have the full check list: pool table, well-stocked jukebox, horseshoe bar, vintage neon signage and barflies that look like they were sent from central casting, ranging from drag queens to movie stars and occasionally Mickey Rourke.

“I think it’s the oldest bar on the beach. That is dive bar central." - Bartender Ryan Goodspeed

"I love the Deuce, it’s so real. They have the wavy bar, there’s good music, guys standing across the bar that look like Keith Richards, who's a fixture here. It just feels right." - Chef Paul Kahan

222 14th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | T: 305.531.6200

Late Night & Local | Purdy Lounge

No cover, cheap drinks and reggae on Monday nights. Avoid the weekend nights, unless you crave long lines and mayhem.

"Good for late night, away from the chaos. Local spot - no cover, nightclub/lounge type environment. It’s really hopping at 3am." - Bartender Ryan Goodspeed

"I head over here around 2am. They have an enormous spirit selection and a big beer selection. Mostly what they are known for is a place where you can go hang out with a bunch of locals. Really good vibe and staffed with some of the best DJs in the city." - Bartender Ben Potts

"This is my favorite dive bar. It’s a fun local spot to get some dancing in while having reasonably priced drinks." - Chef Clayton Miller

Open until 5am
1811 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | T: 305.531.4622 |  


Photo Credit: Wyn Van Devanter [flickr]

Photo Credit: Wyn Van Devanter [flickr]

Sandwiches | La Sandwicherie

Walking distance from the South Beach night clubs and across the street from Mac's Club Deuce, La Sandwicherie is there to serve you when you need a food fix in the middle of the night.

"I order a baguette with prosciutto, mozzarella and tomatoes, usually at 2am!" - Bartender Ryan Goodspeed

Open until 6am on weekends
229 14th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | T: 305.532.8934 | 

Puerto Sagua | Photo Credit: ©Find. Eat. Drink.

Puerto Sagua | Photo Credit: ©Find. Eat. Drink.

Cuban | Puerto Sagua

This Cuban diner opened in 1962 and some of the original customers are still regulars. It has endured the dark and dangerous days of old South Beach and held strong through the frilly, nilly glam era of flashy nightclubs and boutique hotels. The food takes a back seat to the experience of visiting this throwback piece of history.

“It feels like a real throwback. It is really a greasy spoon, but it has a lot of fun things about it. It’s just a great place at night because it’s kind of stick to your ribs food after you’d have too many glasses of Champagne. I really like their Chicken a la Plancha or steak.. It’s grilled beef or chicken and served really plain with a wedge of lemon. Their Ropa Vieja is amazing.” - Pastry Chef Hedy Goldsmith

“The best and most authentic Cuban experience. If I go for breakfast, it’s an empanada and a colada, lunch is a steak sandwich and dinner and later on is the Ropa Vieja, which is always fresh. I don’t know if the meat they use is high quality, but they make it taste amazing.” - Bartender Ben Potts

“It has been here so long and it is just two blocks from the beach. I get the Pan Con Bistic, a steak sandwich with little fried potatoes inside. IT’s great. Or you can order the steak platter, which is a beef stew with potatoes and rice and beans.” - Bartender Gabriel Orta

Open until 2am
700 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 | 305.673.1115

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Miami Club Rum

Made in Wynwood, bartender Trevor Alberts recommends their charcoal filtered rum. "They are putting out a very stellar product using Florida cane to make their rum."

www.miamiclubrum.com Where To Buy

Proper Sausages

Locally-made sausages uses cuts of beef from ranches in Florida. Chef Daniel Serfer's favorite is The Dub. "It has some good spice and a little bit of smoked pork."

www.propersausages.com | Where To Buy


Panther Coffee

The coffee of choice in Miami began in Wynwood by Joel and Leticia Ramos Pollock. Now you can find people serving their coffee as far away as Grand Cayman. Take home a bag of beans to find out why Floridians love them.

www.panthercoffee.com | Where To Buy

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FED Pros

FED Pros

Chef Michael Schwartz

Chef Michael Schwartz

Chef Michelle Bernstein

Chef Michelle Bernstein

Chef Nina Compton

Chef Nina Compton

Bartender Julio Cabrera

Bartender Julio Cabrera


  • Michael Schwartz -- Executive chef and co-owner at The Genuine Hospitality Group in Miami.

  • Hedy Goldsmith -- pastry chef formerly at Ad Lib in Miami.

  • Roel Alcudia -- Head Chef of Mandolin Aegean Bistro in Miami.

  • Michelle Bernstein -- Executive chef and Cafe La Trova in Miami.

  • Nina Compton -- Executive Chef at Compère Lapin in New Orleans and formerly at Scarpetta in Miami.

  • Sean Brasel -- Executive chef of The Meat Market in Miami.

  • Daniel Serfer -- Executive chef and owner of Blue Collar and Mignonette in Miami.

  • Clayton Miller -- Head chef at Dovecoat in Orlando and formerly of Yardbird Southern Table in Miami.

  • Josh Marcus -- Head chef and owner at Josh's Deli in Miami.

  • Norman Van Aken -- Head chef and partner at Three in Miami.

  • Paul Kahan -- Executive chef and co-owner of One Off Hospitality in Chicago.

  • Joe Mizzoni -- Chef De Cuisine with One Door East in Ft. Lauderdale and formerly with DJM Group in Miami.


  • Allegra Angelo -- Sommelier at La Mar by Gaston Acurio at the Mandarin Hotel in Miami.


  • Gabe Orta -- Founding bartender at Broken Shaker and co-founder of Bar Lab in Miami.

  • Julio Cabrera -- Head bartender at Cafe La Trova in Miami.

  • Danny Valdez -- Head bartender at Sin & Sugar in Miami

  • Ben Potts -- Head Bartender at Beaker and Gray in Miami.

  • Ryan Goodspeed -- Former beverage director and head bartender at The Genuine Hospitality Group in Miami.

  • Trevor Alberts -- Head bartender and beverage director at Orange Blossom in Miami.

  • Ramsey Pimentel -- Former bartender at Ritz-Carlton in Miami.


  • Andreas Schreiner -- Co-owner of Pubbelly Restaurant Group in Miami.

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