Here is the FED selection of gift ideas for eating, drinking, mixing, brewing, reading, and traveling. 


Aesop Jet Set

Carry-on sized package for refreshing on the flight or during travels. The kit includes shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser and body balm. This is the type of gift you'll be tempted to get one for yourself as well.


YStudio Handcrafted
Brass Rollerball Pen

This pen is made from un-finished brass, so it is designed to age with a patina and also provides a balance weight. It has a removable cap and comes packaged in a beautiful box.


UE Boom 2
Portable Speaker

This is a wireless speaker with power that goes everywhere you go -- it's even waterproof. Flexibility to pair up to eight bluetooth devices and will play on two speakers from one device.



Jack Spade
Camo Waxwear Messenger

Perfect for carrying all the essentials for a day of exploring a city.


Tova Traveller Floral Tote

Traveling doesn't mean you shouldn't be stylish. Figue's lightweight, packable tote is just what you need for running errands or going to the beach.


Dry Duffle

Rugged, vinyl-coated polyester duffle with a roll top with hook-and-loop closure protects your prized possessions from water, wear, and dust.



La Boîte
Voyager Spice Set

After 3 years of working together, Eric Ripert of Manhattan's Le Bernardin and Lior Lev Sercarz of La Boîte created the Voyager Collection. This set contains Le Poivre, Riviera Herbs, Sel D'Antibes and three recipe cards by Eric Ripert.


Umami Mart
Japanese Spice Set

Japanese Curry, Shichimi Togarashi, and Umami Salt are hand-mixed by the Oaktown Spice Shop for Umami Mart. This trio of Japanese spices will help perk up any dish.


J.Q. Dickinson Popping Corn, Salt, & Chocolate

The crowd pleaser gift with popcorn salt, a pound of WV heirloom popping corn, and a bar of Salazon dark salted chocolate, all in a wood crate made in West Virginia.



Galician Seafood
Gift Box

Delicate canned seafood from Galicia packaged in a wooden gift box that includes sardines, mussels, zamburiñas, and octopus, packed by hand in olive oil. The seas surrounding Spain are rich with some of the best seafood in the world.


Jose Gourmet
Spiced Sardines

Portuguese small sardines are packed in sunflower oil and seasoned with red pepper, carrot, piri-piri chiles, cloves, and laurel, which add savory complexity. Jose Gourmet marries form and function with modern art design and Portugal's oldest conservas producer, La Gondola.


Milk Chocolate

Definitely not fishy, these sardines are milk chocolate and presented in a can, created by French chocolatier Michel Cluizel.



David Wondrich
Punch Bowl

Celebrate the holidays with a punch. This classic punch bowl was designed by cocktail historian David Wondrich and has a Latin proverb by Marcus Tullius Cicero written on the inside. "Edamus bibamus gaudeamus. Post mortem nulla voluptas" which means, "Let us eat, drink, enjoy life, after death there is no pleasure."


Jack Rudy
The Jack Pack Bar Kit

An essential Jack Rudy kit for the home bar:  Small Batch Tonic, Small Batch Grenadine, Aromatic Bitters, and a jigger. Just add booze and your gift is ready to go.


Griottines Morello Cherries in Liqueur

"I always believe that the best inspiration for a bartender is a pastry chef. They are like a bartender and I always work closely with them. When I was working in France in the 1990s, they introduced me to Griottines cherries. Before I only knew about Maraschino cherries, which are very sweet and too syrupy and I don’t like them. But you can find real Maraschino cherries from Luxardo family."
> Alessandro Palazzi of Duke's Bar in London

Get Alessandro's Manhattan Recipe >>



Collected Coffee

From Berlin to Melbourne, Amsterdam to Tokyo, a Collected Coffee subscription delivers 250g of whole bean filter coffee each month.

November's coffee was a rare coffee called Granitos de Altura del Ortiz from Costa Rica that is roasted by Maruyama in Nagano, Japan.


Brass Pour-Over
Coffee Set

Designed and produced in Japan by Kinto. It is a walnut and brass set that comes with a stand, filter, brewer, server, and holder.


Mizuba Matcha Set

A Japanese tea ceremony in a box that includes organic matcha green tea, a Chasen whisk, and a traditional chawan tea bowl. Thy also include a card illustrating how to prepare the ceremony.



God's Love We Deliver

This cookbook has recipes and stories from over 75 luminaries in the worlds of food, film, and fashion. The proceeds go to their charity which provides meals for people with severe illnesses.

"I have been a strong supporter of God’s Love ever since I found out that my friend, when he had been very sick and couldn’t shop or cook for himself, had been fed by them. This cookbook is great because everyone involved believes that food heals and that food is love. When we cook – together, and for others – we can change someone’s day, make them feel better, and share love."
- Chef / Author Amanda Freitag


Regarding Cocktails
by Sasha Petraske

This is the only book from the late Sasha Petraske, the legendary bartender who changed cocktail culture when he opened the speakeasy-style bar Milk & Honey.

The book includes 85 cocktail recipes from his repertoire and stories from the bartenders he personally trained. You'll find Sasha's advice for keeping a home bar, as well as his musings, and beautiful illustrations for ingredients, measurements, and preparations.


The Art of the Cheese Plate
by Tia Keenan

Chef-fromager Tia Keenan brings excitement to cheese pairings. She offers tips for putting together the perfect cheese plate with creative accompaniments. The book includes tasting notes and themed cheese plates for all different occasions.


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