Photograph courtesy of Arte del Pane Panella

Photograph courtesy of Arte del Pane Panella

We know it’s not hard to find pizza in Rome. But they are not all created equal. To help you take out the guess-work, we weed down the choices to 13 chef-recommended places.


00100 Pizza trapizzino

Trappizzno | Photo Credit: 00100 Pizza

Trappizzno | Photo Credit: 00100 Pizza

Chef & owner Stefano Callegari invented the Trapizzino, which is a triangular-shaped pizza in a pocket sandwich. He stuffs them with different fillings that range from oxtail to meatballs to tripe to chicken cacciatore.

"This is a great pizza al taglio spot and it’s open all day. It sounds silly, but trust me the Trappizzino are amazing. Different fillings every day. Say hi to Stefano or his cook Robertino, who is the main man in the kitchen.” - Chef Nick Anderer

Via Givanni Branca, 88, Rome 00153
T: +39.(0)6.4341.9624 |


Antico Forno del Ghetto

Jewish Quarter bakery that sells breakfast pizza.

“I come here in the morning for a quintessential Roman breakfast of a salty piece of pizza bianca. People raid this bakery in the morning and get a bunch of pizza bianca, start tearing it up and eating it before they even get home. They also sell pizza rossa, little round red pizzas with tomato sauce.” Chef Nick Anderer

Piazza Costaguti, 30, Rome, Italy | T:+39.(0)6.6880.3012


“It's our favorite bakery. Go for traditional pizza bianca, great pastries and beautifully decorative bread.” - Chef & restaurateur Simone and Francesco Panella

Via Merulana, 54, 00185 Rome, Italy | T:+39.(0)6.487.2651

Photograph courtesy of Da Francesco

Photograph courtesy of Da Francesco

Da Francesco

Located in a beautiful square tucked behind Piazza Navona, you can sit outdoors and people watch.

“Long tables, fast service and a really great menu with lots of local and traditional choices.” - Chef Jenn Louis

"An old (even for Rome) pizzeria / trattoria, typical neighborhood joint with solid food but nothing spectacular, with the exception of the white pizza with fresh porcini – when they have it. Everything else is just mediocre (but it’s the first place I ever ate at in Rome, so nostalgia masks many flaws and continually keeps this place on my list).” - Chef Nick Anderer

Piazza del Fico, 29, Rome 00186 | T: +39.(0)6.686.4009 |

Forno La Renella

Casual neighborhood bakery known for their pizza bianca, which you can get stuffed with mozzarella or eggplant.

Good pizza rustica, square-cut street pizza, good for a mid-day snack. Two entrances: one on Via del Moro and the other on Via Renella. - Chef Nick Anderer

Via del Moro, 15, Rome 00153 | T: +39.(0)6.6581.7265

La Fucina

The pizzas are thicker here, pre-cut and meant for sharing.

“Great and inventive pizza concept, definitely worth the trip – most likely by cab. Focaccia-style pizza, topped with unusual condimenti, like monkfish, urchin, agretti etc. – very fresh and very tasty.” - Chef Nick Anderer

Via Giuseppe Lunati, 25, Rome 00149 | T: +39.(0)6.559.3368 |

Photograph courtesy of La Gatta Mangiona

Photograph courtesy of La Gatta Mangiona

La Gatta Mangiona

Come here for Roman-style pizza with gourmet toppings. It’s a little off the beaten track, but popular. They close for two weeks in August, so call ahead.

This is up the tram line toward Castaletto, more Neapolitan style pizza with great fritti and a decent list of artisanal beers and wine.” - Chef Peter Pastan

Via Federico Ozanam, 30-32, 00152 Rome | T: +39.(0)6.534.6702 |


Li Rioni

Located in a residential neighborhood called Celio behind the Colosseum offering thin crusted pizza, outdoor seating, and an array of starters to nibble on. You’ll find tourists eating here on the earlier side and locals later on in the evening. Chef Nick Anderer suggests the pomodori freshi, the rughetta and mozzerella di bufala.
Via dei Santissimi Quattro, 24, 00184 Rome, Italy


"If you’re going to go to the Vatican Museum (which I usually discourage people from doing because Rome has so much to offer and going to the Vatican Museum kills an entire day). But if you're going, make sure to go to Pizzarium before you go to the Vatican. Gabriele Bonc is one of the city’s figurehead pizza makers. He uses all natural, artisanal crafted products, sources his flours very carefully and his dough is amazing. His toppings are vibrant and fresh. You can’t go wrong with any pizza that looks good here, just buy it." - Chef Nick Anderer

"There are no tables, so grab some slices (al taglia- Roman style) and wine and eat along the railing or park bench outside. No toppings will disappoint, I love the chicoria and prosciutto. The dough is really what it is about." - Chef Jenn Louis

Via della Meloria, 43, Rome 00136 | T: +39.(0)6.3974.5416

Photograph courtesy of Pizzeria Ai Marmi

Photograph courtesy of Pizzeria Ai Marmi

Pizzeria Ai Marmi

Named after their long marble counters, they serve wood-fired, Roman-style thin crust pizzas. Be forewarned there may be a long ling and they are closed on Wednesdays.
For fantastic pizza. It literally means marble slab." - Chefs Johanne Killeen and George German

“The pizza with rughetta, bresaola and parmigiano is good.” - Chef Nick Anderer

Viale Trastevere, 53, Rome 00153 | T: +39.(0)6.580.0919

Pizzeria Da Remo

“The best 'Roman' pizza in the city. First have some suppli with very al dente rice, a large beer and 1/2 litre of house wine, then it's pizza time." -  Chef Peter Pastan

Brightly lit, classic neighborhood spot. It is super busy and open relatively late, at least until midnight. I often go here for Roman-style thin crust pizza with a Peroni or a Moretti beer."- Chef Nick Anderer

Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice, 44, Rome 00153 | T: +39.(0)6.574.6270


From the owners of 00100 and Sforno and serving fried rice balls and pocket pizzas called trapizzini, baked in their brick oven.

“A sit-down pizzeria, which makes an inventive Cacio Pepe pizza in their wood-burning oven.” - Chef Nick Anderer

Via Valle Corteno, 31, 00141 Rome | T:+39.(0)6.818.0960 |

Volpetti Più

This is a self-serve pizzeria with lots of different grab-and-go prepared foods.

It is literally around the corner from Volpetti. It’s a cafeteria where they have long pizzas that they cut into slices and then reheat. The Pizza con Patate here is amazing, it’s a potato pizza. Their Pizza Bianca is one of the best things I’ve had.- Chef Nick Anderer

Via Alessandro Volta, 8, Rome 00153 | T: +39.(0)6.689.8377 |



Nick Anderer

Executive chef and partner at Marta in New York City. Nick travels to Rome often for inspiration and research. He also worked in Milan at San Giorgio et il Drago.



Johanne Killen and George Germon

Chefs and owners of Al Forno in Providence, Rhode Island. They are credited with introducing the concept of grilled pizza to the United States in 1980.


Peter Pastan

Chef and owner of Obelisk, Etto and 2Amys in Washington, DC. Pastan travels to Italy often and his Neapolitan pizzeria has been certified authentic by the D.O.C. (Denominazione di Originale Controllata).


Simone & Francesco Panella

Owners of Antica Pesa in the Trastevere neighborhood and in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They grew up in the restaurant business in Rome.


Jenn Louis

Executive chef and co-owner of Lincoln Restaurant, Sunshine Tavern and Culinary Artistry in Portland, Oregon. Louis spends time in Italy to research her upcoming cookbook all about gnocchi.

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