Photograph courtesy of Blue Plate Oysterette

Photograph courtesy of Blue Plate Oysterette

Blue Plate Oysterette

They have two locations, one at the beach and the other in town. They serve their Maine lobster on a brioche roll, either dressed or undressed.

"This is a wonderful little fish place with quintessential classic beachside food and as good as it gets. They also have a wonderful wine list."
FED Pro  >  Chef John Sedler

8048 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048 | T: 323.656.5474
1355 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401 | T: 310.576.3474

Photograph courtesy of Connie & Ted's

Photograph courtesy of Connie & Ted's

Connie and Ted’s

Served either hot or cold, and your choice of hot drawn butter or mayonnaise.

"They have the best New England Style raw bar and the best lobster roll I've had in LA. Their lobster roll makes me feel like I'm at PJ's in Wellfleet, Cape Cod during the summer."
FED Pro  >  Butcher Amelia Posada (formerly of Lindy & Grundy)

8171 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046
T: 323.848.2722

Son of a Gun

These are micro-sized lobster rolls, mixed with chopped celery, lemon aïoli, chives and Tabasco sauce and served on toasted, buttered brioche rolls. 

"They continue to offer some of the best New England style seafood in LA. That lobster roll! And their crudo is equally amazing."
FED Pro  >  Chef Fabian Gallardo (Petty Cash Taqueria)

"For the the mini Lobster roll with celery and lemon aïoli."
FED Pro  >  David LeFevre (M.B. Post, Fishing with Dynamite)

8370 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048
T: 323.782.9033 |



Hungry Cat

This restaurant is known for the seafood, so it is no surprise to see a New England style lobster role on the menu. Their small sandwich is filled with cold Maine lobster that is mixed with lemon aïoli mayonnaise, chopped celery, herbs and served on a buttered challah bun.

"We love coming to eat at ‘Daddy's’ restaurant for seafood, owned by my husband, David Lentz."
FED Pro  >  Suzanne Goi (Lucques Tavern, A.O.C. Wine Bar)

1535 North Vine Street, Hollywood, CA | T323.462.2155
100 West Channel Road, Santa Monica, CA | T: 310.459.3337

Photograph courtesy of Hinoki & The Bird

Photograph courtesy of Hinoki & The Bird

Hinoki & the Bird 

These are an Asian take on a lobster roll with green curry aïoli and fresh Thai basil. The bun is toasted with charcoal powder, which gives it a unique dark color.

"The food is amazing and the pickles here are the best pickles that I’ve ever had in my life."
FED Pro  >  Chef Ori Menashe (Bestia)

10 W Century Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90067
T: 310.552.1200 |

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