Chef Olivier Roellinger

For French chef Olivier Roellinger it has always been about the story of his native Brittany, since the very beginning. “I was born in a house that was built by a Spanish merchant during in the 18th century. It’s always been my house and it’s where I opened my first restaurant Maisons de Bricourt in 1982.”

Roellinger earned his first Michelin star at the age of 29 in 1984, his second in 1988, his third in 2006. In 2008, at the age of 53, he did the unthinkable, he turned in his three Michelin stars. His decision was based on no longer wanting to endure the physical difficulties of professional cooking. It was time for a change.

Photograph courtesy of Epices-Roellinger

Photograph courtesy of Epices-Roellinger


Since then, Roellinger has focused on spice blending with an online store, as well as shops in Cancale, St. Malo and Paris. His passion for spices is part of the same story he has always wanted to tell about the maritime adventurers and spice hunters of Brittany. “It is the Celtic culture. It is in our soul to find something on the other side of the sea.” His spice blends are the chapters in this historic tale. “It is a always a human story. This is the frame that I work with. I need that to create any recipe. It is not good just to blend this one with that one.”

Roellinger’s shop, Epices-Roellinger, carries all organic spices, many that he has traveled to find. They specialize in their signature powder blends, used by acclaimed chefs like Michel Troisgros and Michel Bras. They have the first cellar in the world for aging vanilla with 18 Grand Cru vanillas from places like Mexico, Madigascar, Uganda and Sri Lanka. They also have 28 different types of pepper, various salts, oils, mustards and sweets like salted caramels and salted butter, orange and cinnamon cookies.


Cancale | 1 Rue Duguesclin, Cancale, France 35260 | T: +33.(0)
Saint Malo | 12 Rue Saint Vincent, Saint Malo, France 35400 | T: +33.(0)
Paris | 51 Bis, Rue Sainte Anne, Paris, France 75002 | T: +33.(0)

Chef Roellinger’s Spice Recs

“Guérande is the salt of Brittany and I especially like the fleur de sel.”

“The red pepper from Madagascar is the best.”

“Madagascar and New Caledonia are the most elegant vanillas in the world. Look for a little cut on the low back of the bean. It is best when it is open a little bit. It means it is ripe because it has been exposed to the sun.”

“Sri Lanka C5 Grade Cinnamon is like the Chateau Petrus of spices.”

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