By Beer Director Kevin Floyd

Kevin Floyd is the beer director, beertender, and co-owner at The Hay Merchant, Anvil, and Underbelly in Houston, TX. His craft beer program is one of the most prolific cask programs in the country. He frequently travels to Belgium on research trips visiting breweries and exploring the beer scene. In this first part of his tour, let Kevin be your expert beer guide around Brussels.

Délirium Café | Photo Credit: David Duran [Flickr]

Délirium Café | Photo Credit: David Duran [Flickr]

Délirium Café

“Délirium Café is on a lot of peoples’ lists and it should be. They have one of the largest draft beer lists in the world. It’s a 70-page book. It’s located in the heart of Brussels, not too far from the tourist spots like the Manneken-Pis and the Grand Place. It is not a traditional Belgian bar and it’s definitely more geared towards the American craft beer enthusiast. But it’s a unique experience and if you’ve never been to Brussels before, you have to come here.”

Impasse de la Fidélité 4a, 1000 Brussels
T: +32.2.514.44.34  |

Moeder Lambic

“There are two locations and the newer one is in the city center. It’s a nice bar and they offer a little bit of food and are rotating their beer lists seasonally. It’s one of the few places I’ve seen tap beer in Belgium and they usually have some interesting beers on cask.”

Fontainasplein 8, 1000 Brussels
T: +32.2.503.60.68 |

A La Mort Subite | Photograph courtesy of A La More Subite

A La Mort Subite | Photograph courtesy of A La More Subite

A La Mort Subite

“It’s just around the corner from the Cathedral. It is a fairly old bar /café. They have several house beers. Many years ago, they used to brew their own beer and now they have one of the small breweries in Brussels who brew beer for them. They have a lambic, a douze, a faro, and a kriek. There are a lot of locals here, but since it is around the corner from a pretty big hotel, there’s also a lot of tourists here too.  The people here are super friendly. It is very old school inside.”

Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères 7, 1000 Brussels
T: +32.2.513.13.18 |

Cantillon Brewery | Photograph courtesy of Cantillon

Cantillon Brewery | Photograph courtesy of Cantillon

Cantillon Brewery

“If you’re a beer enthusiast the one place you have to go to is a brewery called Cantillon. It’s one of the older Lambic breweries in Flanders. All of the big lambic breweries are either in Brussels or around Brussels, so lambic and gueuze are probably the most traditional style of beer in the city of Brussels.

Lambic beers have been described as the Champagne of Flanders. They are very unique to this part of the world and have a slightly to very sour taste which comes from the wild yeast fermentation. They are usually low in alcohol (4.5% to 5%) and it takes many years to produce some of those lambics. When bottled, they are a blend of different ages from 6 months to 3 years.”

Rue Gheude 56, 1070 Anderlecht
T: +32.2.521.49.28 |


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