Photograph courtesy of Flying Fish Restaurant

Photograph courtesy of Flying Fish Restaurant

By Chef Tim Tibbitts

The best thing about working as a chef in the Caribbean...
Here the words “fresh seafood” take on a whole new meaning compared with the rest of the world. Having boats pull right up to our floating dock to unload that day’s catches in front of guests is a really cool experience – and as an added bonus, it means we get the freshest product available.
Jerk spice is not Caribbean – it’s Jamaican... 
And every dish does not have to include pineapple and mango to be Caribbean.

Conch is our national seafood...
But it’s a very regional thing, depending which island you’re on. On Grand Bahama Island, we have many different preparations of classic conch salad. At Flying Fish we make our conch salad with local dragon fruit, pineapple, avocados and an island rum. For the best classic conch salad, head to the Chicken’s Nest in West End, Grand Bahama. They make the best conch fritters, too.

Eat chicken souse for breakfast...
Regardless of where you order it, you have to have chicken souse for breakfast. It’s a spicy, lime-filled chicken soup that’s heavy in allspice. It’s wonderful hangover food, and you can pretty much find it everywhere that serves breakfast.chicken souse for breakfast.

Go off the beaten track...
My favorite little place on Grand Bahama Island is Cruzin’ Café. It has the most friendly service and one of the best Chicken Roti I have ever tasted – anywhere! This is definitely not a place a lot of tourists will find – it’s kind of out of the way, but worth the trip.

Photograph Courtesy of Flying Fish Restaurant

Photograph Courtesy of Flying Fish Restaurant

Where I take visiting chefs...
On Grand Bahama Island, I would recommend East for sushi. Make sure you order the Toga Roll – it’s chef Marcial’s signature dish and it is remarkably good. I brought Marcial to the Bahamas to work for me seven years ago; he is one of the world’s best sushi crafters. Go to Cappuccino’s for traditional, comfort Italian American food – it is a consistent and delicious family-run business. In Nassau, Mahogany House is my favorite; it has real quality cooking, great ingredients and a spectacular wine list. Order the Spicy Seafood Risotto and thank me later.

Where we're drinking...
Visit Bones Bar at the Pelican Bay Hotel, where there are great drinks and a quality staff. Neptune’s is a fun, late-night bar with dancing, comfy furniture, nice glassware and quality wines and cocktails. They also have great DJs!

Make sure to bring home...
Beer from Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company.  Sands, Sands Light, High Rock and Strongback are all world class beers produced right here on Grand Bahama Island. From all of the Bahamas, I would definitely go with John Watling’s Rum, Graycliff Chocolate or Graycliff cigars from Nassau. These are all the highest level of artisanal products, and they are all incredible.

CRUZIN CAFE - 7 Trehl Plaza West Atlantic, Nassau, Bahamas | T: 242.352.9874

CHICKEN'S NEST - The Bight | Bayshore Road, West End, Grand Bahama, Bahamas | T: 242.346.6440

EAST AT PIER ONE - Lucayan Harbour | Freeport, Grand Bahama Island T: 242.352.6674 |

CAPPUCCINO’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT - Sea Horse Road | Port Lucaya Marketplace, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island

MAHOGANY HOUSE | West Bay Street South | Nassau, New Providence | The Bahamas | T: 242.362.6669 |

BONES BAR - Pelican Bay Hotel, Sea Horse Road, Freeport, Bahamas | T: 242.374.4899

NEPTUNE'S - Bell Channel Bay, Freeport, Bahamas



Photograph courtesy of Flying Fish Restaurant

Photograph courtesy of Flying Fish Restaurant

Flying Fish Restaurant 

We are trying to create an experience that you are unable to obtain anywhere else in the world – not just in the Bahamas or the Caribbean. By combining local ingredients, modern techniques and traditional food values, and serving it in a relaxed setting with an island flair, we end up with a truly unique style of food and service you can only find at Flying Fish.  
Make sure to order...
The grilled calamari with brown butter powder, confit garlic, heirloom tomato, capers, spherical olives, caramelized lemon – it’s our signature dish. Also, anything we do with conch, stone crab or spiny lobster really showcases the best local produce on the island.

FLYING FISH RESTAURANT - 1 Seahorse Road, Grand Bahama, Bahamas | T: 242.373.4363 |


Chef Tim Tibbitts

Chef Tim Tibbitts is the owner of Flying Fish Restaurant in Freeport, Bahamas. Born in Nassau, Bahamas, he grew up in Toronto, Canada. After many years working in high-end kitchens in Toronto, he moved back to the Bahamas to open and run a modern Asian restaurant and sushi bar. In 2012, he opened Flying Fish which was awarded the 4 Diamond Rating by AAA.

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