Photograph courtesy of The Park Cafe

Photograph courtesy of The Park Cafe

4pm in Charleston

By Chef Emily Hahn

My favorite time of day in Charleston is Wednesday at 4pm. It's my day off  and I like to go to The Park Cafe. I wear my overalls and bring my four-legged friends and I eat everything. And I smile. I arrive with my dog to sit on the patio in the afternoon. I don't want to drink anything, just water, but find myself sipping a glass of wine because the owner is my "homie" and knows I love what I like to call my European lunch. I sit for hours and order everything. And I'm not kidding. Everything. 

I can't go without the Local Head Lettuces salad with marinated shrimp. It's a never ending bowl of delicious. I never miss out on getting the Creamy Kale, the Pickle Plate, and the Pork Loin Hoagie, which I wake up craving.

730 Rutledge Avenue, Charleston, SC 29403
T: 843.410.1070 |

Chef Emily Hahn of Warehouse Bar + Kitchen in Charleston, SC.

Cooking at an establishment that is predominantly a bar has been quite a different experience in so many ways. It is like the canvas is fresh every single day and the paint and colors are for me to choose.  The owners have really given me an amazing leeway to make this menu my own, and I'm so proud of what we do here.  

Right now I want everyone to try my Southern Ramen Bowl with 5 Spice Pork Belly, Purple Cabbage "Collards," Pickled Mushroom and a soft farm Egg.  I'd also always recommend our brunch, particularly my take on Congee. It's outrageous.

45 Spring Street, Charleston, SC 29403
T: 843.202.0712 |

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