By Pastry Chef Monica Glass

Photograph courtesy of Khyber Pass Pub

Photograph courtesy of Khyber Pass Pub

My favorite time of day is 6pm on Wednesdays, when a group of girlfriends and I get together to do yoga at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. During the cooler months, class is held in different exhibits, and then outside during the summer months, so it's really a unique way to practice. Yoga makes me feel calm and strong yet graceful, and a weekly class helps me clear my mind from all of life's chaos.

Afterwards, we follow class with some whiskey at Khyber Pass Pub, because I am a believer in everything in moderation, even moderation. Our weekly tradition is a time I cherish with great friends.

56 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
T: 215.238.5888

Executive Pastry Chef Monica Glass of Sbraga

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Glass is the executive pastry chef of Sbraga in Philadelphia. Previously, she worked alongside pastry chef Michael Laiskonis at Le Bernardin and headed the pastry department at 10 Arts Bistro & Lounge in the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia. She also worked at chef Ken Oringer’s Clio restaurant in Boston. A diagnosis of celiac disease has turned into inspiration for creating gluten-free offerings on her menus.

440 S Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146
T: 215.735.1913