Rome for First Timers

You're visiting Rome for the very first time. Here's your 24-hour guide to the beloved classic restaurants, shops, cafes, farmers markets and bars.


Rome for First Timers

You're visiting Rome for the very first time. Here's your 24-hour guide to the beloved classic restaurants, shops, cafes, farmers markets and bars.

Photo Credit: Konstantin Tilikin [flickr]

Photo Credit: Konstantin Tilikin [flickr]

In the Center of Rome you’ve got to be careful not to fall for one of the numerous tourist traps with really subpar food – it’s very easy to go wrong.
— Chef Nick Anderer

MORNING | Coffee

Sant’Eustachio Il Caffé | Photo Credit: Tonx [flickr]

Sant’Eustachio Il Caffé | Photo Credit: Tonx [flickr]


Located in the historical center of Rome, they may attract more tourists than locals, but this is one of the classic places. They have been producing their signature coffee since 1938.

"Just a few steps away from the Pantheon. This is a small coffee shop that created their own coffee blend and the recipe has been kept a secret for hundreds of years. It is also one of the oldest shops in town. Whether you are looking for a coffee granita, cappuccino or just a great coffee, Sant' Eustachio has something wonderful for everyone."
FED Pros > Simone and Francesco Panella 

"It's a Roman legend. This is the coffee bar where Romans in the know stop for their liquid fuel, daily doses of espresso and cappuccino. Sant' Eustachio coffee is slow roasted over wood on the premises without chemical processing. The beans are a blend of 100% Arabica. The taste is smooth and sweet and the acidity low."
FED Pro > Beatrice Ughi 

Piazza Sant’Eustachio 82, 00186, Rome | T: +39(0)6.6880.2048 | www.santeustachioilcaffe.it


Opened in 1919 and a bit off the beaten path, people come to try a doppio (double shot of espresso), their caffè con cioccolata (espresso with chocolate), their gran cappuccino eccellente, and the la granita di caffè in the summer.

"Serious coffee. A bit out of the way, unless you decide to walk to the Trionfale market. Try the coffee with chocolate for a double shot of awake."
FED Pro > Chef Peter Pastan

Via Fabio Massimo, 80, 00192 Rome | T: +39(0)6.321.1580

MORNING | Breakfast


Sit outside on the Piazza de Santa Maria in Trastevere and people watch while you sip a macchiato and nibble on a pastry. The cafe opened in the 1920s and is still family-run.

"One of the friendliest cafés in Rome. You'll pay double. If you like, sit outside and enjoy the facade of Santa Maria Al Trastevere."
FED Pro > Chef Peter Pastan

Piazza di Santa Maria, Trastevere, 15, 00153 Rome | T: +39(0)6.581.6095

Eat Pizza in the Morning

Tourists will make the mistake of thinking, ‘I’ll visit this bakery in the afternoon and pick up some stuff.’ Go in the morning and get the stuff as it’s coming right out from the oven.
— Chef Nick Anderer


This is a Jewish Quarter bakery that sells breakfast pizza.

“I come here in the morning for a quintessential Roman breakfast of a salty piece of pizza bianca. People raid this bakery in the morning and get a bunch of pizza bianca, start tearing it up and eating it before they even get home. They also sell pizza rossa, little round red pizzas with tomato sauce."
FED Pro >  Chef Nick Anderer

Piazza Costaguti, 30, 00186 Rome | T:+39.(0)6.6880.3012


"If you’re going to go to the Vatican Museum (which I usually discourage people from doing because Rome has so much to offer and going to the Vatican Museum kills an entire day). But if you're going, make sure to go to Pizzarium before you go to the Vatican. Gabriele Bonc is one of the city’s figurehead pizza makers. He uses all natural, artisanal crafted products, sources his flours very carefully and his dough is amazing. His toppings are vibrant and fresh. You can’t go wrong with any pizza that looks good here, just buy it."
FED Pro >  Chef Nick Anderer

Trapizzino Pocket Pizza | Photograph courtesy of Trapizzino

Trapizzino Pocket Pizza | Photograph courtesy of Trapizzino

"There are no tables, so grab some slices (al taglia- Roman style) and wine and eat along the railing or park bench outside. No toppings will disappoint, I love the chicoria and prosciutto. The dough is really what it is about." 
FED Pro > Chef Jenn Louis

Via della Meloria, 43, 00136 Rome | T: +39.(0)6.3974.5416


Chef and owner Stefano Callegari invented the Trapizzino, which is a triangular-shaped pizza in a pocket sandwich. He stuffs them with different fillings that range from oxtail to meatballs to tripe to chicken cacciatore.

"This is a great pizza al taglio spot and it’s open all day. It sounds silly, but trust me the Trappizzino are amazing. Different fillings every day."
FED Pro > Chef Nick Anderer

Via Givanni Branca, 88, 00153 Rome
T: +39.(0)6.4341.9624 | 


Campo de' Fiori Market | Photo Credit: Find. Eat. Drink.

Campo de' Fiori Market | Photo Credit: Find. Eat. Drink.


Campo de' Fiori translates to field of flowers. Look for many vendors selling breads, cheeses, flowers and produce.

"It’s more popular simply because it’s right smack in the center of Rome in the middle of a gorgeous piazza. There are more trinkets and flowers and things, in addition to food that people sell there. Plus, you’re surrounded by a lot of retail shopping in the immediate area."
FED Pro > Chef Nick Anderer

"For fruits and vegetables, see Claudio here for the freshest local produce."
FED Pros > Simone and Francesco Panella

"One of our favorite markets in the world."
FED Pros > Chefs Johanne Killeen and George Germon

Mon - Sat: 6am - 2pm
Piazza Campo de' Fiori, 00186 Rome


The new market is a cleaner and more modern one than the original market in Piazza Testaccio. But there are still many of the family-owned produce and seafood vendors and lots of unique foods to find.

"I always come here on Saturdays, that is when most of the vendors are here. Look for any kind of local produce - beautiful artichokes, puntarelle when they’re in season, agretti (which are these fantastic little stringy greens that are also referred to as monk’s beard and very hard to find in the US). The wild Mediterranean clams that you also can’t find in the US, and little filleted anchovies. There are these old ladies that filet anchovies, which is a painstaking task, but they’ve gotten so good at it. If you have a place to go home and cook, it’s an amazing thing to buy.
FED Pro > Chef Nick Anderer

"I don't hate the new building. It's a smaller market, but charming."
FED Pro > Chef Peter Pastan

Mon - Sat: 7:30am - 1:30pm
Via Galvani, 00153 Rome | T: +39.(0)6.574.0158


Photographs courtesy of Roscioli

Photographs courtesy of Roscioli



For all the things that make Italy wonderful - hand-sliced prosciutto, cheeses and wine. It's a shop in the front and a wine bar in the back.

"They have an upscale wine bar/salumeria/ristorante and a more classic bakery across the street from one another – a few blocks from the Campo de Fiori market. At the restaurant/wine bar, try some exceptional salumi/cheese and some very well-executed pasta – reserve in advance, extremely popular for both tourists and locals."
FED Pro > Chef Nick Anderer

"To buy special cheese or cured meats like prosciutto or salami, this is one of the oldest shops in Rome with a huge variety of the highest quality local and imported products."
FED Pros > Simone and Francesco Panella

Via dei Giubbonari, 21/22, 00186 Rome | T: +39.(0)6.687.5287 | www.salumeriaroscioli.com


Specialty foods shop run by the Volpetti brothers since 1973. You'll find cheeses, salumi, breads, pastries, pizza and gourmet products.

"Such an abundance of food in a small space, done the way I wish we could in the U.S. They’re able to leave things unwrapped and presented so fresh."
FED Pro > Cheesemonger Sergio Hernandez

"They have fantastic products here, some of the best cheeses and cured meats from around Italy. They’re always giving everybody a hug as they come in, a metaphorical hug. They are constantly slicing off pieces of prosciutto and cheese and passing them around for people to try. It’s just a fun scene. I always walk out of here spending way more money than I intended to because they’re really good salesmen."
FED Pro > Chef Nick Anderer

Via Marmorata, 47, 00153 Rome | T: +39.(0)6.574.2352 | www.volpetti.com



Sandwich vendor Sergio Esposito is making his mother's recipes in the Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio. Get a panini with lots of offal fillings like tripe.

"This is a sandwich place in the New Testaccio Market. The tripe, boiled beef and sausage with romanesco broccoli are the best in the city."
FED Pro > Chef Peter Pastan

Via B. Franklin, 12, Nuovo Mercato Testaccio, 00153 Rome | T: +


Classic Roman food featuring dishes like eggplant croquettes, carbonara, fried gnocci and a paper cone filled with deep fried totani - baby squid.

"A perfect blend of traditional food very gently tweaked. Sit in the garden and enjoy a bottle of wine from one of the many natural producers."
FED Pro > Chef Peter Pastan

"A short train ride out of the center of town, Da Cesare is the real deal. No fuss with garnished interior, the experience is all about the food. Make sure to order the Totani squid, if it is available."
FED Pro > Chef Jenn Louis

Via del Casaletto, 45, 00151 Rome | T: +39(0)6.536.015


Photographs courtesy of Gelateria del Teatro

Photographs courtesy of Gelateria del Teatro


Creamy gelato using fresh regional and seasonal Italian ingredients.

"Very good gelato – especially all the seasonal fresh fruit flavors – all made in-house. Also a very cute setting underneath the steps of an old theater."
FED Pro > Chef Nick Anderer

Via dei Coronari, 65/66, 00186 Rome | T: +39(0)6.4547.4880


Filetti di Baccalà (fried salted codfish fillets) | Photographs courtesy of Dar Filettaro

Filetti di Baccalà (fried salted codfish fillets) | Photographs courtesy of Dar Filettaro



Located in the historical center, they're known for their filletti di baccalà also called simply La Filetteria, which are deep-fried pieces of cod. 

"Beyond charming, this little fried fish joint is really a hole in the wall. The sides are wonderful. Order the puntarelle salad if in season. And, make sure to walk to the back to watch the women frying fish in big cauldrons."
FED Pro > Chef Jenn Louis

"Just off of Via Giubbonari that runs off of the Campo dei Fiori, this little place is known simply for its fried salt cod as the sign outside 'Filetti di Baccala' suggests. Open at weird hours, you can walk straight to the back and order directly from the ladies frying the filets. The batter is a little too thick for my taste, but still a great snack on a sunny afternoon. Must be eaten with very cold beer."
FED Pro > Chef Nick Anderer

Via dei Giubbonari 88, 00186 Rome | T: +39(0)6.686.4018


Photographs courtesy of Hotel de Russie

Photographs courtesy of Hotel de Russie



Start the night with an aperitivo at this hotel bar. You can sit outside in the garden or inside in their plush armchairs.

"I love coming here for a nice aperitivo."
FED Pro > Bartender Simone Caporale

"This is a modern Italian hotel bar to start the night."
FED Pro > Bartender Alex Kratena

"One of our favorite places to grab a drink is the Hotel De'Russie in Piazza Di Spagna. Apart from the wonderful location, the hotel is really classy and the bartender here makes the best martini in Rome."
FED Pros > Simone and Francesco Panella

Hotel De Russie, Via del Babuino, 9, 00187 Rome | T: +39.(0)6.328.881 | www.roccofortehotels.com/hotels-and-resorts/hotel-de-russie


Al Moro | Photo Credit: Ernesto Andrade [flickr}

Al Moro | Photo Credit: Ernesto Andrade [flickr}


Walking distance from the Trevi Fountain, turn back the clock to the 1970s and imagine famed Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini dining on their signature spaghetti alla Moro. Not much has changed, it's old school classic Rome.

"Classic Roman fare - don't miss the seasonal specialties. This place is run by two brothers who both played professional basketball in Italy."
FED Pro > Chef Jimmy Bradley

Vicolo delle Bollette, 13, 00187 Rome | T: +39(0)6.678.3495 | www.ristorantealmororoma.com

Photographs courtesy of Flavio Velavevodetto

Photographs courtesy of Flavio Velavevodetto


You'll find Roman classics like cacio e pepe, carbonara, and many offal dishes. The restaurant is built in a historical setting - it's the city's most historic landfill which has fragments of ancient amphorae (Roman jars with two handles). 

"Just outside of the city center, this is really a must on a weekend for lunch or a dinner. The restaurant is filled with regulars who receive hugs and kisses (on both cheeks) as they arrive. The food is really, really good. Solid pastas, great meats and the very traditional cortella should not be missed."
FED Pro > Chef Jenn Louis

Via di Monte Testaccio, 97, 00153 Rome
T: +39(0)6.574.4194 | 


Photographs courtesy of Etabli

Photographs courtesy of Etabli


Shabby chic wine bar with Mediterranean-style tapas and cocktails. Week nights are more laid back then weekends, which tend to be crowded.

"Hip and unique (for Rome) wine bar/lounge – great mixture of old and new school décor, friendly staff. It's good for quiet drinks before dinner. For more of a party scene, have a night cap after dinner. Sometimes live music from Tuesday - Thursday nights. Ask for Massimo or Chico – tell’em Chef Nick from NYC sent you."
FED Pro > Chef Nick Anderer

Open until 2am
Vicolo delle Vacche, 9/9A, 00186 Rome | T: +39(0)6.9761.6694  | 


Pub atmosphere with a selection of international craft beers. A beer lovers dream with a vintage beer bottle collection.

"An all-around great place for their beer offerings."
FED Pro > Chef Nick Anderer

Open until 2am
25, Via di Benedetta, 25, 00153 Rome | T: +39(0)6.6456.2046 | 


"The best 'Roman' pizza in the city. First have some suppli with very al dente rice, a large beer and 1/2 litre of house wine, then it's pizza time."
FED Pro >  Chef Peter Pastan

"Brightly lit, classic neighborhood spot. It is super busy and open relatively late, at least until midnight. I often go here for Roman-style thin crust pizza with a Peroni or a Moretti beer."
FED Pro > Chef Nick Anderer

Open until 1am
Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice, 44, Rome 00153 | T: +39.(0)6.574.6270





Sant’Eustachio Coffee

"This is the coffee bar where Romans stop in for their liquid fuel -- daily doses of espresso and cappuccino," recommends Italian food importer Beatrice Ughi of Gustiamo. Sant'Eustachio has been producing its signature coffee since 1938. 

Website | Buy in the US

Cru di Cures Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Award-winning oil produced by Laura and Antonella Fagiolo at their family-owned olive groves in Sabina, Italy.

Website | Buy in the US

Amaro CioCiaro

Amaro created by the Paolucci family in 1873 "Ciociaro" region of Italy. Serve it straight as an after dinner drink, on the rocks, or with seltzer after as aperitif.

Website | Where to Buy in Italy and the US

Planning Links

Planning Links


READ | Trip Reads for Rome -- Inspirational reading lists for today's traveler.


HOTELS | Tablet Hotels -- book a hotel.
APARTMENTS | Airbnb -- book an apartment.

Getting Around

TRAINS | Eurail.


MUSEUM | GNAM (National Gallery of Modern Art).
MUSEUM | GAMeC (Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art).
MUSEUM | MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome).

FED Pros

FED Pros


Nick Anderer

Executive chef and partner at Marta in New York City. Nick travels to Rome often for inspiration and research. He also worked in Milan at San Giorgio et il Drago.


Jenn Louis

Executive chef and co-owner of Lincoln Restaurant, Sunshine Tavern and Culinary Artistry in Portland, Oregon. Louis spends time in Italy to research her upcoming cookbook all about gnocchi.


Peter Pastan

Chef and owner of Obelisk, Etto and 2Amys in Washington, DC. Pastan travels to Italy often and his Neapolitan pizzeria has been certified authentic by the D.O.C. (Denominazione di Originale Controllata).


 Johanne Killeen and George Germon

Chefs and owners of Al Forno in Providence, Rhode Island. They are credited with introducing the concept of grilled pizza to the United States in 1980.


Simone and Francesco Panella 

Chef and co-owners of their family-owned Antica Pesa in the Trastevere neighborhood and the an outpost in Williamsburg, NY. Francesco runs the front of the house and Simone runs the kitchen.


Jimmy Bradley

Executive chef and owner of The Red Cat in New York. Bradley grew up in an Italian household in Rhode Island and Philadelphia.


Beatrice Ughi 

Co-founder and owner of Gustiamo, an Italian gourmet foods import company. native of Rome, she launched the company 15 years ago in the United States.


Sergio Hernandez

Cheesemonger and co-owner of Bklyn Larder is a cheese and provisions food shop in Brooklyn. He travels to Italy for research trips.


Simone Caporale

Asisstant Head Bartender at the Artesian Bar in London. Simone's career began in 2005, in a small coffee bar in Como, Italy.


Alex Kratena

Head Bartender at the Artesian Bar in London. Born in the Czech Republic, he has travelled extensively and won many awards for his creative cocktails.





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