Wasmunds Single Malt Whiskey

Bartender Todd Thrasher recommends Master Distiller Rick Wasmund's single malt whiskey, made in Sperryville, VA. Rick is the only person in North America hand-malting the barley which is then smoked using apple and cherry woods. The spirit is created from the copper potstill is non-chill filtered.

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Lindera Farms Vinegar

Pick up these Virginia vinegars made with foraged, sustainable ingredients. They have flavors like honey, elderflower, mulberry vinegar and seasonal flavors.

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Cirrus Vodka

Bartender Todd Thrasher likes this hand-crafted, small batch potato-based vodka from Virginia. He says it has flavor, it is not that crystal clear clean vodka. It has a little bit of viscosity and he enjoys using it for cocktails.

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