• Joshua Skenes -- chef and co-owner of Saison in San Francisco, CA.

  • Stuart Brioza & Nicole Krasinski -- chefs and co-owners of State Bird Provisions in San Francisco, CA.

  • Charles Phan -- chef and co-owner of The Slanted Door and Moss Room in San Francisco, CA.

  • Traci des Jardins -- chef and co-owner of Jardiniere, Manzanita, Mijita, and Public House in San Francisco, CA.

  • Massimiliano Conti -- chef and co-owner of La Ciccia and La Nebbia in San Francisco, CA.

  • Josh Even -- chef at Tosca in San Francisco, CA.

  • Russ Moore -- chef and co-owner at Camino in Oakland, CA.

  • Caitlin Freeman -- pastry chef at Blue Bottle Coffee SFMoMA in San Francisco, CA.

  • Marc Cohen -- chef at Lawrence Restaurant in Montreal, Canada.

  • Anne Quatrano -- chef at Star Provisions Group in Atlanta, GA.


  • Matt Lewis -- baker and co-owner of Baked in New York City, NY.


  • Amelia Posada -- butcher and co-owner of Lindy & Grundy in Los Angeles, CA.


  • Thad Vogler -- bartender and co-owner of Bar Agricole in San Francisco, CA.

  • Josh Harris -- bartender and co-owner of Trick Dog in San Francisco, CA.

  • Bobby Heugel -- bartender and owner of Clumsy Butcher (Anvil, Hay Merchant, Underbelly, The Pastry War) in Houston, TX.


  • Duncan Arnot Meyers & Nathan Lee Roberts -- winemakers and owners at Arnot Roberts in Napa, CA.


  • Etheliya Hananova -- sommelier at Le Sergent Recruteur in Paris, France.


  • Guilhaume Gerard -- wine importer and co-owner of Selection Massale in Oakland, CA.


  • Eileen Hassi Rinaldi -- roaster and owner of Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco, CA.