When the FED Team hits a city, we like to travel light and be able to move around fast. Our goal is to carry minimal equipment and fit in like a local. We often need to shoot in a combination of lighting scenarios, from dimly lit bars and restaurants to bright city streets. Here are recommendations from the FEDitors for an on-the-go day pack.



Jack Spade Messenger

Just enough space for all the gear and small enough that you won't pack too much. It's also city enough that you may not be pegged as a tourist.

$198 | BUY

Figue's Tuk Tuk Tote

These totes are handmade in India for Figue and they are great for carrying gear without compromising style.

$595 - $795 | BUY



Nikon D750

Nikon's full-frame DSLR camera is very similar in features to the D810, but in a smaller package. The built-in Wi-Fi means it is easy to transfer images from camera to phone for high-quality Instagramming on the go. 

$1,996.95 | BUY


The Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8 is a bulky lens, but is perfect for capturing a range of photographs from cityscapes to action across the street to museum artwork, and the newest version of this lens has image stabilization.

$2,372.98 | BUY


The Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 35mm f/1:1.8G is a low-light workhorse, which means it brings food and cocktails to life in restaurants and bars, even when it is dark inside.

$526.95 | BUY



One Year of White Pages

Twelve individual notebooks ideal for planning a trip and keeping track of things when you're there.

$41 | BUY

Kaweco Sports Pen

This small and stylish pen is perfect for travel writing -- compact when capped, but comfortable when posted.

~$22 | BUY


If you bring a knife, checking a bag becomes a necessity to and from your destination. But opportunities do await when discovering food markets and shops -- slice up some saucission sec and hack off a hunk of local cheese. 

~$12 | BUY



Travel Dominoes

Bones on the go -- perfect for entertainment in your Airbnb, hotel lobby, cafe, or bar. The nice thing about travel dominoes is the range of games that can be played, from All Fives to Texas 42.

$5.99 | BUY

Pass the Pigs

Based on the dice game Pig, Pass the Pigs is the travel version. No counting or complex strategy required, just win points for landing Razorbacks, Trotters, Snouters, Leaning Jowlers until Pigging Out.

$16.99 | BUY


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