Cayman Sea Salt

Chef Eric Ripert’s uses this sea salt at his restaurant Blue at the Ritz-Carlton, as does many other restaurants on the island. They let nature do all the work and are using recycled glass from sliding doors discarded after Hurricane Ivan. | Where To Buy

A Small Backyards Marmalades

Sold at the Camana Bay farmers market on Wednesdays. You can get a variety of citrus marmalades made from fruits sourced from trees in the maker’s backyard (hence the name) and her neighbors’ trees. She also sells banana bread. | Where To Buy

Cayman Gourmet Pepper Jelly

Carol Hay started making the pepper jelly as a hobby, using scotch bonnet peppers and seasoning peppers from her own back yard. She adds other locally grown species of West Indian peppers and sweet peppers to round out the flavors. | Where To Buy