La Vara
El Quinto Pino

Argentinian background, grew up in Minneapolis. Married to chef / partner Eder Montero. Eder is a native of Bilbao, Spain and together they cook authentic Basque cuisine.



Yakitori Totto

New York ∙ Midtown West
Restaurants ∙ Japanese ∙ $$$

"I love Yakitori Totto for beef tongue, chicken cartilage, and a view of the super hip Japanese cooks. Come for the food, leave with a T-shirt."

North Dumpling

New York ∙ Lower East Side
Restaurants ∙ Chinese ∙ $

"Hands downs the best for dumplings. They need no sauce, skins are handmade and stuffed, and they use Chinese garlic chives instead of scallions for a very special flavor. Everything here is just a little better than it has to be."